Monday, February 18, 2008

All Hail The Round Mound Of Rebound

With hat firmly tipped to Matt Drudge, by far the best video of the year so far;

How can you not be excited by a Hall Of Famer with two Olympic gold medals who, it turns out, is an honest-to-goddness Democrat with passion and courage? Roll on 2014!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tickling The Dragon Of Removed Irony

This blog has already discussed the dangers of trying to be funny in job adverts. But it's one thing trying it when you're an obscure Tory PPC heading for a well-deserved electoral spanking; it's quite another when you're, ooh, I don't know... First Minister of Wales?

Cue the Rhodmeister himself;

As no member of my family is available to work for me, I am advertising for a member of staff to assist me in my constituency duties

That rather strikes me as jumping the gun; after all, once Gordon takes his balls out of the safe and Julie gets the hiding she so richly deserves, at least one family member will have a bit of time on her hands. Unfortunately that'll be just about the time Rhodri retires, but hey; at least he'll have someone to share his legacy with. And few people will appreciate how well he's overseen the destruction of the Labour Party in Wales as much as one of the victims...