Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I Want To Go To A Ranch, Please Can I Go To A Ranch?

So Prezza won't face a criminal investigation over the Philip Anschutz affair. In other news, bears continue to prefer the woods for their toiletary needs...

Nevertheless, there remains one question that needs answering. During the height of the media storm, Prescott's primary defence was that, while he had visited Casa Anschutz, he had had no intention of discussing the casino bid at any time. To which the obvious response is, "Well you may not have intended to discuss it, but it was the only thing he intended to discuss!"

The question is, why did he believe that this was a reasonable defence? Is it possible that, despite 35 years as an MP, he retains the naïvety of one who just came in on a turnip truck? Or is it possible that, despite 10 years of incompetence and sleaze, Labour still believe they can deflect all attacks by professions of piety?

Either way, the electorate should be under no illusions; whether led by Blair, Brown or (God help us all if it should come to pass) Milburn, the disconnect between New Labour and reality remains as strong as ever.

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