Monday, October 02, 2006

The Strains Of Topicality

I'm quickly learning that there really is no rest for the wicked in the blogosphere. I mean, there you are, drawing together a mass of thoughts on some subject or other, and before you're ready one of the broadsheets does a story about it. Then, just in case anyone missed it, the blogosphere publishes the link to the online version so everyone gets the heads-up and your carefully considered analysis gets swamped.

Nevertheless, I'm indebted to Femme de Resistance on Forceful And Moderate
for drawing my attention to a couple of recent pieces that pre-empt me; a Grauniad editorial on the uncertain future of modern graduates and a Times review of the latest book decrying environmentalist hostility to nuclear power. I'll save my comment on them until it's ready.

PS Last week, I commented on some of the speeches at the Labour party conference, but only because the speeches had some content and that content annoyed me. In the unlikely event of the Conservative conference acquiring anything so gauche as content, I'll be sure to tell you all why it annoys me. This is an equal opportunities blog, after all...

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