Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Curse Of Brownite-Moranist-Petardism

A spot of late-night filing with BBC1's "MP Burning Night" leads to an funny little discovery.

Among the many pieces of paper that regularly get shoved through my door as a councillor is the cunningly-entitled C'llr, a magazine of "Information and Inspiration for Councillors from the Local Government Information Unit". Amongst the inspiration is the back page feature, "In My Day", where parliamentarians talk about their time in local government. And who should we find on the back of the March 2009 issue?

Margaret Moran

And on what is she to be found opining?

Social housing, and how the government shouldn't be in the business of building any.

Well if the government investing money in the housing stock is good enough for you...

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Brian said...

Margaret Moran used to be my boss, kind of, when I worked for Lewisham Council and she was the Leader. She was a truly local person from the estate I used to work on, and in fact her sister-in-law worked in the same office as me. As far as I can recall, the council was run pretty well in those days; she seemed entirely competent and it was no surprise that she became an MP. I think she must have found it frustrating to go from a position of quite a lot of power, to the powerlessness of a backbench MP. It's interesting that she's held no real post in government since being elected. It quite saddens me that she's turned out to be one of the worst culprits in the second home affair. I can't see how she can be reselected, or if she is, how she can win. She had talent, but it's been wasted, like so many things since 1997.