Friday, August 28, 2009

Less For More The Rail Way

Last year's changes to the train ticket system were supposed to signal a radical shake-up of the sorry mess that had gone before. How are they doing? January's news about split tickets (a Lib Dem rail story I unaccountably missed) didn't exactly bode well, but my journey today pretty much sums up just how far we've come;

Cardiff Central - Gloucester Off-Peak Return - £18.30
Cardiff Central - Gloucester Anytime Return - £15.50

The prosecution rests, m'lud...

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jdhockad said...

Sounds about right.

For my holiday I used a combo of taxi, tube and MegaBus. Heathrow and back for £46. Biggest single component: £15 for a taxi at 3:30am.

The train to take me there was £60 for one way. I love the railways, but they need to be so affordable that we can all use them.